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Nightlife in Brussels

People noticed that in recent years Brussels has completely reinvented itself. Although it is a fairly small city with only several bars and night clubs, Brussels will delight the tourists and locals who wish to serve a draft beer, delicious cocktails or something in between. The influx of travelers looking for eclectic nightlife will not be disappointed in this city which definitely makes up in class what it lacks in numbers.

Places and districts you should visit at night

Brussels is somehow divided into two-paced places, with an early evening wave of drinkers and diners and the cavalry charge of clubbers that come out when the first group heads to home. Visit the European quarter if you want to dine and drink together with the boring workers from European Union. They come out after a hard day at work with their briefcases and try to unwind from their daily burdens. Atmospheric old cafe-bars are tucked nearby Grand Place, place where you can enjoy a few drinks before heading to the place where you will sleep.

Move to the heart of gay scene in Brussels if you want to truly enjoy the nightlife in this city. Exquisite nightclubs and amazing clubs are located on Rue du Marche au Charbon. The hottest bars in the city are Smouss Cafe, Stammbar, Rock Classic, Cartagena Salsa Bar, Le Fontainas, Le Soleil, Le Belgica enchant the travelers to stop by for a drink and savour all the pleasures that life has to offer. You can request the company of a delightful escort from http://www.escortdirectory.com if you want to make the most out of your vacation in Brussels.

Not far from the Grand Place, on Rue de Chartreux and Place St Gery is the mainstream heart of Brussels's nightlife. Clubbers from all across Europe come here to listen to the top DJs of the moment. Students, tourists and local workers blend together in an interesting combination, gathered together by their desire to party all night long. Numerous bars are open late in this area, so if you want to have an incredible night, this is the spot where you should come with your beautiful escort from http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-brussels-163/.

Have fun with an escort in Brussels

Excellent jazz clubs will keep you awake until sunrise. You will dance on many music genres with your ravishing companion if you will spend at least a few days in Brussels. Le Cirio, Fuse, Falstaff, A La Mort Subite, La Fleur en Papier Dore, De Ultieme Hallucinatie and L'Archiduc are some of the best nighclubs in Brussels. Great wines, amazing music and young, hip crowd is definitely a combination you cannot miss in this city. Whether you are interested in seeing or being seen, these are the places you will have to go out at night, with or without companion.

Brussels locals are friendly and you will soon have company if you want to drink a couple of beers in a pub or sip a tasty cocktail in a fashionable club. Take a night tour in Brussels and you will certainly enjoy the incredible nightlife in this city!